Step 1: Connect with us online

Visit our website or social media platforms to get in touch with us and explore our services.

Step 2: Schedule a 1-hour free consultation

Book a time slot for a complimentary consultation session with our team. This session allows us to understand your needs and discuss how we can assist you.

Step 3: Complete the free consultation

During the 1-hour consultation, we will have a detailed discussion about your requirements, goals, and preferences. We will provide guidance and suggestions based on your specific needs.

Step 4: Cloud 9 to send you a quote

After the consultation, our team will prepare a customized quote based on the services discussed. The quote will detail the scope of work, pricing, and any additional information relevant to your projec

Step 5: Accept the quote

If you are satisfied with the quote provided, you can accept it to proceed with the next steps. This indicates your agreement to the terms and conditions outlined in the quote.

Step 6: Receive a contract from C9E

Once the quote is accepted, we will prepare a contract that formalizes the agreement between you and Cloud 9. The contract will include the services to be provided, timelines, payment terms, and other relevant details.

Step 7: Sign the contract

Carefully review the contract and sign it to indicate your acceptance of the terms. This step ensures clarity and legal compliance for both parties involved.

Step 8: Receive an emailed invoice from C9E and pay the first installment

After signing the contract, you will receive an invoice via email. The invoice will outline the payment schedule and the amount due for the first installment. Make the payment as per the instructions provided.

Step 9: Receive an email inviting you to schedule your first planning session

Once the first installment is paid, you will receive an email from Cloud 9 inviting you to schedule your first planning session. This session will mark the beginning of the project and involve detailed discussions to plan and execute the agreed-upon services.

Step 10: Schedule your first planning session

Use the provided link or contact our team to schedule your first planning session. This session will be conducted at a convenient time for both parties and will serve as the foundation for the project’s execution.