Nate is a seasoned tech leader with over 20 years of progressive experience in software, datacenter engineering, cloud migration, and operations management. With a track record of success spanning various roles including Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Technical Program Manager (TPM), Lab Manager, and Software Test Engineer, Nathan has consistently delivered impactful solutions and driven business outcomes.

As the CTO of Arcus Foundry, Nathan led IT, datacenter, and cloud migration consulting initiatives for clients such as Aristocrat, Microsoft, and others achieving substantial (3m+ annualized in some cases) cost savings and operational efficiency enhancements. His leadership style, rooted in servant leadership principles, prioritizes people-first management methodologies, effectively simplifying complex technical concepts for stakeholders across all management levels.

Nathan’s key skills encompass SDLC management, Agile methodologies (Scrum/Kanban) complemented by his bias for action, problem-solving prowess, and emotional intelligence. A strategic thinker and lifelong learner, Nathan fosters strong communication, builds vibrant communities, and drives decision-making with data-driven insights. He continually expands his domain of knowledge and is currently studying for his PMP certificate.

His extensive tenure at Microsoft showcases his technical expertise, including proficiency in Windows OS, datacenter operations, Hyper-V, SCVMM, SQL/IIS troubleshooting, and automation scripting. Nathan’s experience as a Lab Manager and Software Test Engineer underscores his ability to lead cross-functional teams, troubleshoot complex issues, and drive continuous improvement.

Furthermore, Nathan’s spirit as a serial entrepreneur and mentor shines through his experience starting or helping start a multitude of business ventures, playing an essential role in the initial processes of bootstrapping and evolving business operations.

With a proven ability to navigate complex technological landscapes, mentor teams, and drive business outcomes, Nathan is poised to continue driving innovation and shaping the future of technology.

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