Annalies Schuh is a highly experienced wedding planner and event coordinator, currently serving as the Day-of Coordinator and Senior Assistant at Cloud 9 Events. With her passion for creating unforgettable experiences and her meticulous attention to detail, Annalies has become a trusted name in the industry.

Throughout her career, Annalies has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in wedding planning and event coordination. She understands that every couple has a unique vision for their special day, and she works closely with them to bring that vision to life. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, Annalies ensures that each wedding she coordinates is flawlessly executed, leaving a lasting impression on both the couple and their guests.

As the Day-of Coordinator at Cloud 9 Events, Annalies plays a crucial role in ensuring that weddings run smoothly and seamlessly. She takes charge of the event on the day itself, overseeing the setup, managing vendors, coordinating the timeline, and addressing any last-minute challenges that may arise. With her calm demeanor and problem-solving skills, Annalies ensures that the couple can relax and enjoy their wedding day, knowing that every detail is being taken care of.

In her role as a Senior Assistant, Annalies brings her expertise and creativity to the planning process. She assists clients in designing their dream wedding, offering guidance on everything from venue selection and decor to menu planning and entertainment. Annalies understands that it’s the small, personalized touches that make a wedding truly memorable, and she works closely with couples to incorporate those special elements into their big day.

Annalies takes pride in her ability to create unique and memorable experiences for her clients. She believes that every wedding should be a reflection of the couple’s love story, and she goes above and beyond to ensure that their personalities and preferences shine through in every detail. From custom-made decor to personalized favors and surprises, Annalies infuses creativity and personalization into every aspect of the event.

With her exceptional organizational skills, attention to detail, and commitment to exceptional customer service, Annalies Schuh has established herself as a go-to wedding planner and event coordinator. Her dedication to creating flawless and unforgettable experiences has earned her a reputation for excellence in the industry. Whether she’s serving as the Day-of Coordinator or providing her expertise as a Senior Assistant, Annalies is committed to making every wedding she touches a truly magical and cherished occasion.